Eva Capobianco

I am a visual artist living and working in Ithaca, NY

Eva M. CapobiancoExploring the Trail

Through almost 50 years of making art, several elements have remained consistent: a commitment to re-using found objects; a periodic return to photography; and a love of the inherent beauty of the materials.

My other passion is hiking. I decided in 2017 to attempt to hike the Finger Lakes Trail from end to end – a total of 585 miles. The inspiration for this series began during the Finger Lakes Trail spring weekend of 2019. I spent three days with friends hiking the western end of the Trail in Allegheny State Park. After a very rainy spring, we were trekking through a lot of mud and across streams of various sizes. At one point we crossed a wooden bridge spanning about 30 feet. The stream crossings can be anything from a couple of planks to substantial wood structures. Using my i-phone, I snapped some photos of this bridge and continued hiking. As I walked, I started imagining a wall sculpture in my mind. I would use a photo of this bridge alongside a couple of wood boards to represent a simple crossing. As I pictured the piece in my mind, the idea grew into a whole series. I would find inspiration from the photos and make at least one piece for each of the 34 maps on the trail. The works are designed partly on paper and partly by arranging and re-arranging the found objects with the photos. Once a design is set, the works are carefully and lovingly assembled, sanded, and polished to bring them to life.

In my quest to hike the Finger Lakes Trail from end to end, I have had so much help from volunteers. The annual Cross County hike series supports day hikers to complete 60 or 70 miles each season. Volunteers maintain trails, offer car rides for solo hikers, and manage list serves to help hikers find company on day trips. With their help and support, I have now completed more than 400 miles. In appreciation for that support, 20% of all sales from this show will be donated to the Finger Lakes Trail Conference.

Works can be purchased through my Square Store - https://eva-m-capobianco.square.site/

This project is made possible, in part, with funding from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County.